Thursday, 19 August 2010

after 53 years of independence, whither malaysia? part 2

if this is malaysian logic, no wonder our beloved country is going to the dogs! it is run by people with such warped logic or illogic.


'Have you ever jumped off a building?'
Aidila Razak    Aug 18, 10    3:59pm   Malaysiakini
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa left lawyers and the public gallery alternately bemused and frustrated as he cross-examined a Thai forensics expert at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest today.

At the same time, NONEThai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand stood her ground despite his incessant attacks on her expertise, observations and conclusions on the death of the DAP political aide in July last year.

Her unequivocal responses quickly prompted legal department head Abdul Razak to ask if she had come to “to attack the MACC".

Pornthip calmly said: "I am here to defend the rights of the dead. Not for the Selangor government or anyone."

The forensic expert received so many rounds of applause from those in the public gallery for her comebacks, that an announcement had to be made for those present to maintain decorum.

Pornthip was cross-examined after she told coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas she found no evidence to suggest suicide by Teoh.
Abdul Razak railed at her from the onset by raising doubts about her credibility as an expert witness.

"Did you know that the university that you graduated from is not recognised in Malaysia?" he asked, eliciting disgruntled murmurs from the gallery.

To that, Pornthip answered, "But it is in the top five in Asia."

Unsatisfied, ANONEbdul Razak (left) sought to discredit her by claiming that she had "moved the goalposts" because what she said this morning had 'contradicted' her earlier testimony.

(Her testimony today was based on observation of a second post-mortem, while her initial conclusions were based on a report on the first post-mortem.)

Pornthip refuted Abdul Razak, saying she had conclusively answered the possibilities raised in her first testimony through scientific evidence obtained in the second autopsy.

"The other doctors made a mistake," she said, noting that there were procedures which should have been made but were not undertaken during the first autopsy.

Absurd questions

Abdul Razak next had the gallery groaning in disbelief when he suggested that Teoh had strangled himself and was "depressive".
Interestingly, when asketeoh beng hock inquest 011009 gobind singhd by Gobind Singh Deo (right), who is representing Teoh's family, how someone can strangle himself, the MACC representative went as far as to demonstrate this on himself.

If that was not enough, Abdul Razak riled up those in the gallery further by suggesting to Pornthip that her report was"based on her imagination".

In an effort to make his point, he asked if Pornthip has any experience jumping off a building.

Exasperated by the barrage of provocative questions Malik Imtiaz Sarwar - representing Pornthip and the Selangor government - stood up to say: “With questions like these, we would all want to jump off a building.”

Abdul Razak also got his facts muddled, prompting Pornthip to repeatedly ask him to "remind (himself) of her report" and to "read the report".

But the lawyer was adamant, claiming he had "spent three days reading" the 11-page report.

His mix-ups led to representatives of the Bar Council and coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas to step in, to correct him.

Glaringly, the lawyazlaner quizzed Pornthip on why she said Teoh was dead when he fell off Level 14, (where the MACC office is located in Plaza Masalam) but alive when he hit the landing on Level 5.

"I accept that he was alive. I never said that he was dead," said Pornthip who has offered her services on a pro bono basis.

Visibly amused, the coroner stepped in to clarify that issue was whether Teoh was conscious or otherwise, not if he was dead or alive. This was to no avail as Abdul Razak remained bewildered.

He then puzzled the court when he stated, "If (Teoh) was unconscious, his body would be heavier."

Retorted the pathologist: "There would be no difference. Scientifically, how could weight loss happen according to consciousness?"

Tired of explaining to Abdul Razak, who accused her of having "already made up her mind (against suicide)", Pornthip finally answered that she disagrees with his comments.

The court's amusement turned into frustration towards the end of Abdul Razak's line of questioning.

Members of the public sighed loudly when he finally wrapped up - and one even bellowed "Thank you!".
Abdul Razak later left the court complex in a huff, slamming shut his car door when questioned by reporters.

As his driver moved the car forward, it 'nudged' a Teoh supporter twice, as he tried to prevent the vehicle from leaving.
However, Ho Mun Chong - a DAP member who has attended every inquest hearing - was not injured.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

after 53 years of independence, whither malaysia?

(The Star) KULAIJAYA: Police are investigating a school principal who allegedly used racist remarks against non-Malay students during a Merdeka celebration at the school here recently.
Kulaijaya deputy OCPD Asst Supt Mohd Kamil said police had received 12 reports against the principal since Saturday and that the case was being investigated under Section 504 of the Penal Code.
Over 50 parents and students had lodged the reports against the principal, who allegedly described the non-Malays as "penumpang" (passengers) in the country during her speech at the start of the celebration on Aug 12.
"I was shocked that my principal had used such a word against non-Malay students in our school.
"This is not the first time that she had made racist comments against Chinese and Indian students in our school," said 17-year-old student Brevia Pan.
She added that the principal, who joined the school early this year, would only target Chinese and Indian students.
"During the Merdeka celebration, she had told non-Malay students to go study in a Chinese school or go back to China," she told reporters in a press conference organised by Senai assemblyman Ong Kow Meng.
Another student, Ashvini Thi-na karan, 17, said many Malay students were influenced by the principal's remarks and made similar comments and called them names.
"Before she came to my school, all the students got along well," she said. Her father R. Thinakaran, 47, said this was a serious matter and that principals should not behave like this.
"This principal has caused racial disharmony at the school," he said, adding that if no action was taken, he would take his daughter out of the school.
Ong called for stern action against the principal, adding that such school heads and educators would affect the minds of students.

obituary for the late gordon paul means

from the local newspaper in the US:


For “Lives Remembered,” Chaska Herald and 12 other Southwest Metro newspapers, August 18, 2010. Shorter obituaries appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, August 15, 16, 2010


Passed away Aug. 12 at home, aged 83, peacefully in his sleep, after a short but courageous battle with ALS. Survived by his devoted wife, Laurel; four children: Kristin, Norval (Laila), Erik (Anne), and Kaia; stepchildren Adrian Braswell, Julia Reiners (Paul), and Eric Braswell; eight grandchildren; his sisters Virginia Means Rowe, Mariel Means Ames (Ned), and Charlotte Means-Shields (Charles);  and many loving nephews and nieces. Gordon spent much of his early life in Southeast Asia, where his parents, Paul and Nathalie Means, were Methodist missionaries, and continued to work with them toward the development of schools and medical facilities among the Sengoi and Temier, aboriginal peoples in northwest Malaysia. He continued his parent’s dedication to these people through many contributions, including publication of the first Sengoi and Temiar dictionaries (1986, 1998). After his military service in the navy, he pursued his Ph.D. in political science at the University of Washington, eventually acquiring a specialization in Southeast Asian politics through first-hand research in the area and an extensive list of internationally recognized publications, most recently the widely acclaimed Political Islam in Southeast Asia (2009). Gordon taught at, among others, the universities of Washington, Iowa, McMaster (Canada), Sumatra, Beijing, Singapore, Malaya, Hamlin, Gustavus Adolphus, and the University of Minnesota’s Institute of International Studies.  He and his wife, Laurel, settled in Chaska after retirement in 1996, partly  to retrace his roots back to Long Prairie in Todd county, where his greatgrandfather, Jonathan Toms, had been a pioneer settler and Civil War veteran of the Minnesota Third Regiment, and partly to reconnect with his sister, Virginia (“Gina”) Rowe and her family in Waconia.

Gordon lived his life to the fullest, enjoying family camping in his little Scamp, strenuous canoeing in the Boundary Waters, fast-paced golfing, or competing even faster on the tennis court.  He was an active member of Discovery United Methodist Church, Chanhassen, serving there in several administrative capacities. Chaska’s  Jonathan Association also shared his interests and concerns, a commitment bringing  him their “Apple Award” in 2009. Despite being internationally named one of the leading intellectuals of the twenty-first century, he was essentially a humble man, generous with both knowledge and hands-on help. Although much missed, he will long be remembered for these and his many other gifts – family devotion, wisdom, humor,  and unerring practical sense.

The family is grateful for Ridgeview’s Hospice care, especially Nurse Marci, and for the concerns and expertise of Dr. David Haugland, Lakeview  Clinic.  A memorial service in celebration of his remarkable life will be held at Discovery Methodist Church, Chanhassen, Saturday September 25, 4:30 p.m., visitation one hour prior. Memorial donations may be made to Ridgeview Hospice or the ALS Society.  Arrangements Washburn-McReavey, (952) 975-0400.   

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heuristic linked with eureka?

using this term in the reb's thesis. looking for some definitions. got to be precise and clear.
and discovered a link between heuristic and archimedes!!
from wikipedia-:
Heuristic (pronounced /hjʉˈrɪstɨk/, from the Greek "Εὑρίσκω" for "find" or "discover") is an adjective for experience-based techniques that help in problem solving, learning and discovery. Archimedes is said to have shouted "Heureka" (later converted to "Eureka") after discovering the principle of displacement in his bath. A heuristic method is used to come to a solution rapidly that is hoped to be close to the best possible answer, or 'optimal solution'. A heuristic is a "rule of thumb", an educated guess, an intuitive judgment or simply common sense. A heuristic is a general way of solving a problem. Heuristics as a noun is another name for heuristic methods.
In more precise terms, heuristics stand for strategies using readily accessible, though loosely applicable, information to control problem solving in human beings and machines